“Brilliant creations are the result of teams of people stumbling into the unknown.”
-Daniel Pink


Texas will become a state where HIV is rare, and every person will have access to high-quality prevention and care services regardless of age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socio-economic circumstances.


The Texas HIV Syndicate is a collaboration of leaders from across the state, working together to share and generate insights into a variety of HIV-related issues. Comprised of Texans involved in HIV prevention and care, Texas HIV Syndicate members engage in collective learning through ongoing conversation and exploration of topics that affect local communities, regions, and the state as a whole. Through this ongoing interactive process, the Texas HIV Syndicate seeks to develop a shared knowledge base to improve current prevention and care practices at both the state and local levels. The Texas HIV Syndicate’s focus and activities evolve and are influenced by emerging trends, data, and the input of members.

Please visit the APPLICATION page to review member criteria and download an application.