Apply to Join the Texas HIV Syndicate

Thank you for your interest. Please read the member criteria below then click here to complete a Texas HIV Syndicate application form to apply.

Member Criteria

  • Syndicate members have the ability and authority to directly influence systems relevant to HIV prevention and treatment.


  • Members exhibit potential to be organization and/or community leaders, given time and development.


  • Members demonstrate a history of leadership and/or innovation in work relevant to HIV prevention and treatment
  • Members demonstrate expertise that can contribute to and enhance conversations relevant to HIV prevention and treatment practices and policies.
  • Members reflect communities affected by HIV.
  • Members have access to opportunities for gathering perspectives from relevant communities.
  • Members are able to share the work of the Texas HIV Syndicate through local/regional networks of individuals and organizations.
  • Members understand and operate from public health principles.
    HIV Syndicate members are asked to work through a collaborative process, examine priorities, develop local implementation of plans, and take action. Individual members are expected to act as members of their regional cohort, provide their expertise, and share in the implementation of the Texas HIV Plan.