Texas HIV Plan

Download the 2017-2021 Texas HIV Plan.

The 2017-2021 Texas HIV Plan, A Public Health Blueprint for Fighting HIV in Texas, is a road map for preventing new HIV infections in Texas and ensuring that individuals living with HIV have access to systems of care. The 2017-2021 Texas HIV Plan offers a comprehensive approach to reducing HIV based on public health principles, advances in science and research, and the continuum of HIV care. The continuum provides the range of possible engagement, beginning with awareness of HIV status, spanning a range of engagement levels, and ending with people fully engaged in medical care and virally suppressed.
The goals and accompanying strategies in this plan were developed with input from people living with HIV (PLWH) and other stakeholders across Texas. This plan is intended to prioritize actions and coordinate the use of resources across individuals and organizations in communities and groups affected by HIV, to identify common goals, and align strategies and evaluation. The Plan is meant to enrich local action rather than specifically direct it. By seeing specific actions and programs as part of this broad spectrum of HIV engagement, organizations and programs can amplify the effects of their response by connecting with others whose work may be up or down stream from theirs.  Linked arms bridge gaps and form strong barricades against viral encroachment.